Quality Control Policy.....

Shorbagy Group is strongly committed to provide our clients with products and services of the highest possible technical standard. We will achieve this by continuously striving for operational excellence in all our processes ..........

We will achieve this goal by :
- Identifying our client’s requirements, and meeting or exceeding the agreed standard,
- Meeting all applicable Legal and Regulatory requirements,
- Continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, including reviewing this policy every two years, or in light of legislation or change within Shorbagy Group,
- Promoting responsiveness and professionalism in all employees, including appropriate training,
- Ensuring our Quality Management System maintains compliance to “the ISO and the American FDA Certificates” by regular internal audits, management reviews, corrective and preventive actions.

All Shorbagy Group staff are responsible for quality within the company and for maintaining our high standards.

This Policy is communicated to all personnel and is available to the public on our website ...........