About Shorbagy Group.....

Shorbagy Group for olive and food industries has been known for being one of the best in food sector, when Mr. Samir Shorbagy brought his vision into reality by major expansions to the factory, farms, and also starting a new building specialized in olive pickles & olive oil packed in various sizes through Egyptian and European experiences for the benefit of the exporting market, hence the company is exporting to global markets. The company obtains “the ISO and the American FDA Certificates"

Following our slogan "For Better, Always", Shorbagy Group has reached a highly privileged position in the Egyptian market, using various sizes and shapes for packing and producing new varieties of olives & olive oil being packed with the latest packing technologies and according to the global health specification.

Although we already exported to large number of markets, our company is pleased to announce that we are ready to open contracts with new markets. In addition, it is our pleasure to announce that, starting from this year we are capable of providing olive, olive pickles and olive oil factories around the world with the material they need from our farms as raw material.

We are working in olives, pickles and olive oil production, we produce all kind of table olive as: natural black olive, green olive, kalmata…..etc, pickles and oil olive packed in drums, plastic barrels, glass jars and tins.

"We are happy to cooperate with you"